Catering and events

Bring the restaurant to your home with catering from the Havet Restaurant & Bar! Choose from different menu packages and feel free to contact us early on in the planning phase.

We deliver lovely restaurant-quality food to your home or to your event. We also have premises for both large and small events. Please contact us at an early stage so that we can give you advice and guidance while you plan.

If you would rather go to something that is ready-made, we can arrange everything from after-work, start the week with pizza, and barbecue nights at Havet Bar & Restaurant.

The Bar
From the resturant


We have big function rooms which is suitable for celebrating the most important events in life. Let guests stay in modern hotel rooms or in picturesque fisherman's cabins, and get delicious food from local ingredients for the party. Feel free to add one experience like Lofoten fishing or RIB trip to make it all an unforgettable celebration.

Cozy surroundings

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 3–10 pm (11pm)
Kitchen open from 5 pm

(Last table setting at 8.30 pm)

Sunday and Monday: closed

Questions about booking?
(+47) 76 09 21 00

Gift Cards

Treat your girlfriend, friends or family to a break at The Tide. Gift cards with an optional amount can be used for accommodation, activities, or the Havet Restaurant & Bar.


Everyday luxury for two

Everyday luxury for two

Treat yourself to everyday luxury for two. Take a weekend trip to The Tide in Sørvågen and experience everything that Lofoten is known for. Your dream weekend is closer than you think!

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Package trip to Sørvågen

Package trip to Sørvågen

Discover Sørvågen — the midpoint for cultural attractions and rich natural scenery. The package trip allows you, together with your friends and family, to enjoy easy access to everything Lofoten has to offer.

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Maelstrom Safari

Maelstrom Safari

Experience Moskstraumen up close! See whales, killer whales, sea eagles and a lively birdlife. Accompany boatmen who are well-acquainted with the local area on a memorable experience as close as you can get to the nature of northern Norway.

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