Lofoten experiences

Sørvågen is the perfect starting point for spectacular summit hikes, RIB safaris, Lofoten fishing, SUP, northern lights safaris, kayaking, and cycling.

RIB Safari

Want to experience the natural forces of the Moskstraum maelstrom up close? Have you always dreamed of seeing whales, killer whales, sea eagles and a lively birdlife? Then maybe a RIB Safari is something for you.

Lofoten fishing

Lofoten fishing

Lofoten is widely known for its rich fish deposits, and with an experienced crew aboard the boat, there is a great chance that you’ll make a catch. Take a trip to the nearest fishing ground for genuine Lofoten fishing with The Tide!

Two people at SUP in Lofoten

Other activities

Sørvågen offers wonderful hiking terrain and is the starting point for many great experiences. We are very familiar with the area and can give you good hiking tips.